Hello! This is Dib Xwb, “Just Dee” or “Just Cucumber”. I was born in Merced, California but now currently in Fresno. The earliest I can remember singing was at the age of 4 maybe even earlier. I also sang every Sunday at Church but I didn’t really take singing seriously until after I participate in the 2012 and 2013 Fresno Hmong New Year. I didn’t win but I learned a lot and gained so much knowledge on how to become a better singer. I had encouragement from Pao Xiong to become a better performer by mastering the art of live singing and also by practicing muscle memory repetition. Thank you Pao Xiong for guiding and encourage me to do better.

Besides singing I love to dance as well. In the 3rd grade, I danced at my schools talent show and ever since then I grew to love dancing.

At 14, I was featured in a Hmong movie called “Paj Tawg Tshiab thiab Vwj Tub Ntxawg. My scene was short and I only had a line but nontheless I enjoyed every bit of it. Soon after, I was put into acting classes and it really helped. I was able to take part as one of the lead roles in a Hmong Movie called “Txiv Neej Yawg Me Ntxaib”

There is more to come in 2019, I hope to inspire others with my music and also share the beauty of our language and culture to the world. Most importantly I want to thank all my fans for the love and support, I wouldn’t be able to make it this far without you. I truly appreciate it!

Thank you and I love you all. 🙂